International Collaborative Ideation Think Tank 2023

20 May 2023

Ideation Think Tank 2023

In March 2023 consortium partners and members of the Centre, people with lived experience, clinicians and our International Advisory came together for the first time to discuss eating disorders research, where we are at and what we know, what resources are available globally to build upon and what really matters to those who have lived this in their own lives. The Think Tank included a Symposium event, two days of collaborative ideation discussions to determine the signature trials of the National centre and a digital hub workshop day. The great breadth and expertise of consortium partners and other participants allowed for a shared space for thinking, talking, listening and understanding. Dynamic, collegial and generous contributions made for a productive and positive three days thinking about how we can all work together to change things for the better.

"There is such an opportunity here, for a country to come together and say, alright, what do we have to do to just totally change the game plan…[to discover] whatever the next phase of eating disorders is and figure out what causes them and how best to treat everybody, not just a subset of people."

– Prof Cynthia Bulik, Founding Director, UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders; Associate Director, UNC Center for Psychiatric Genomics; Director, Centre for Eating Disorders Innovation, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden

Research can transform people's lives.

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