National Research Seminar Series #6: Eating disorders in LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse populations

01 March 2024

AEDRTC National Research Seminar Series Eating Disorders in LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse populations

Monthly, 1-hour meetings including presentations from Australian eating disorder researchers about their work with the opportunity to join a co-design discussion.

In this seminar, Dr Emily Harris and Kai Schweizer give us a closer look at eating disorders in LGBTQIA+ and gender diverse populations. 

Meet the Presenters

Dr Emily A Harris 

Dr Emily Harris researches the psychology of gender, sexuality, and body image. Dr Harris is a Research Fellow in the Physical Appearance Research Team (PART), led by Dr Scott Griffiths.

Dr Harris' primary line of research explores how gender beliefs and identities shape our feelings about our bodies and our intimate relationships.

This work has explored topics including masculinity, femininity, sexual desire, body satisfaction, and orgasm frequency. Dr Harris' research is primarily quantitative, using advanced methodologies and statistical approaches to test theories and assumptions about gender, sexuality, and body image.

Dr Harris' research has contributed novel insights into how gender ideologies might impact sexual wellbeing. In recent work, Dr Harris has explored the variable nature of gender, and how moment to moment changes in masculinity and femininity might relate to how people feel about their bodies.

 Kai Schweizer

Kai Schweizer BA, GradDipSexol, MSexol is an LGBTIQA+ health researcher, sexologist and phlebotomist located in Boorloo (Perth).

They are currently a Sessional Academic at Curtin University's Sexology Department, a Research Assistant at the University of Western Australia and a Research Affiliate at the Inside Out Institute for Eating Disorders.

They are the co-founder of the Youth Pride Network and the founder of the Youth Homelessness Advisory Council.

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