Genevieve Pepin

Assoc Prof Genevieve Pepin

Deakin University

Genevieve is an experienced mental health occupational therapist and academic. Built on almost 20 years work in the areas of mental health and eating disorders in Canada and at Deakin University in Australia and including partnerships with national and international leaders in the field, A/Prof Pepin has established herself as a significant contributor to eating disorders research.

Her expertise and passions are in research co-produced with carers of people with an eating disorder, understanding the impact of eating disorders on function and the daily activities of those with an eating disorder and their family, and the development of innovative interventions promoting best health outcomes.  

Her research is impactful and translational, leading to changes in practice and services as demonstrated by her invitation to join the Advisory Committee for the development of the Australian Eating Disorders Research & Translation Strategy 2021-2031. She is a member of the executive group of the Australian Eating Disorder Research and Translation Centre. She is the co-lead of the Lived-Experience and Co-Production stream of the Centre and a member of the National Eating Disorders Research Consortium. In addition, A/Prof Pepin’s reputation as an occupational therapy scholar rests on a unique expertise and knowledge of ground-breaking interventions and conceptual model of practice that have influenced practice, research, and education in the field for decades.  

A/Prof Pepin contribution to mental health and eating disorders initiatives includes her contribution to the National Strategy Eating Disorders Workforce Development Working Group, the Allied Health Profession Australia Mental Health Working Group, the National Eating Disorders Collaboration credentialing working group, the National Mental Health Workforce Strategy, and the National Mental Health Forum – Occupational Therapy Australia 

A/Prof Pepin believes in multidisciplinary approaches to understanding eating disorders and co-produced research and interventions. She believes in best practice and is interested in emerging knowledge and interventions about eating disorders.

Research can transform people's lives.

The Australian Eating Disorders Research and Translation Centre is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the National Leadership in Mental Health program.

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