Michaela Flynn

Dr Michaela Flynn

Postdoctural Research Associate

Dr Michaela Flynn is a post-doctoral research associated interested in promoting early illness detection and intervention, improving our understanding of what works and for whom, and expanding our repertoire for treating eating disorder by investigating the potential for brain-based interventions, such as non-invasive brain. She recently completed her PhD at King’s College London’s Centre for Research in Eating and Weight Disorders where she led a randomised controlled trial which aimed to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of a novel intervention for binge eating disorder involving non-invasive brain stimulation and cognitive training. Here, Michaela also co-ordinated the evaluation of a first-of-its-kind early intervention for first-episode eating disorders in the UK. Prior to moving to the UK, Michaela completed a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) at Macquarie University. At InsideOut, Michaela is contributing to research which aims to deepen our understanding of eating disorders and explore whether outcomes from treatment may be improved when interventions are tailored to the individual.

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