Assoc Professor Rebecca Murphy

Rebecca Murphy

My clinical and research expertise is in an enhanced form of CBT for eating disorders (CBT-E), which I delivered as a trial therapist for several years. I took a particular interest in the mediators of change in psychological treatments.

More recently, the focus of my work has been on disseminating CBT-E. This began with the development and evaluation of more scalable forms of training clinicians to deliver evidence-based psychological treatments. This work is funded by a Strategic Award by the Wellcome Trust. This has included the development of a training website for therapists learning CBT-E and a role-play based measure of therapist competence.

Since then, I have turned my attention onto cases of eating disorders in the community and reaching the public directly. Currently, I am working on the development and evaluation of Digital CBTe, a self-help programme for eating disorders which is delivered online (via a website and a mobile application). This has been derived from CBT-E. I am also researching how best to reach and engage people in the community who have an emerging eating disorder and are ambivalent about seeking help.


The Australian Eating Disorders Research and Translation Centre is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the National Leadership in Mental Health program.