The research work stream will address knowledge gaps and established priorities, with a focus on high impact research that will directly impact outcomes for people with eating disorders and their loved ones. This includes Centre signature studies, large-scale trials addressing three priority areas (Risk & Protective Factors, Very Early Intervention and Individualised Medicine) as well as supporting smaller scale projects, including lived experience and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led research, across any of the Top 10 research and translation priority domains.

Collaborative Signature studies

The key consortium members of the AEDRTC have agreed to embark on a collaborative research agenda, to engage in collaborative ideation around the signature studies that will be funded through the Centre and collectively agree on the projects and studies that should move forward and receive funding from the Centre, as well as identify other funding opportunities for additional projects.​

The Holistic Study

The Holistic study hopes to understand all factors including thoughts and emotions, biological and genetic that drive eating disorders, what treatments work and how recovery is measured. Knowing this will help us develop more effective, individualised treatments. 

This study is open to people aged 14 years and above: 

  • With a lived experience of an eating disorder. 
  • Caring or supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. 
  • Current or former eating disorder treatment provider working in eating disorders. 

This study has been approved by the University of Sydney Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) (Protocol No. 2023/857) 

Take part in the study

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The Australian Eating Disorders Research and Translation Centre is supported by funding from the Australian Government under the National Leadership in Mental Health program.

Lead Agency, InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders, is a joint venture between the Sydney Local Health District and the University of Sydney